On demand printing

How it works.

Products marked with on demand product on a product page will be produced after you have paid an order. We have two fulfilment places were we create our products (together with our partners). One is placed in EU (Latvia) and the other one is in the US. Order placed within the EU will be fulfilled in Latvia and orders placed in USA will be fulfilled in USA. Orders placed outside the EU or USA will be fulfilled in the warehouses closest to where the order will be shipped, or in the warehouse where the items is stocked. 

In some rare cases there can be an item out of stock in our fulfilment warehouse. For example - you live in the EU and make an order on our website. But due to warehouse stock quantities the items can only be fulfilled in the US . If that is the case we will contact you and ask if you want the item/order to be fulfilled in the US or if you want to cancel your order.  This is to avoid the risk of getting unnecessary customs fees. You have the control. 


How long does it take to get my item?

It takes about 2-7 business days to create products. Then you should add shipping times on top of that. Time depends on product type and destination. When an order is done and on it's way to you you will receive a tracking number where you can follow you order.


Why we do it like this

We have chosen this business model to avoid overproduction of some items and to reduce the amount of items we produce of certain product types. We believe that this is more friendly for the environment. And if we overproduce items we are forced to set items om sale. This way we can avoid sale and discounted items as much as possible. And we believe that constant sales and discounts is not a good or sustainable way to run a business. Not for we as a company, you as a customer and for our globe in general.